Okay after a few days searching over the forum, i can easily find some tuts on dual booting xp with backtrack and also tuts on dual booting ubuntu with backtrack.

Xp was the first OS i use that i currently only run for some games, Whereas my kubuntu with gnome environment installed is my current main os.

My question here is since i am using a usb modem, i can't connect to the net using the livecd, as it requires the OS to save the modem's driver's stuffs which cannot be done in a livecd. This makes me to have to install backtrack on the hard drive.(correct me if i'm wrong)

Whether i can connect to the net via modem dial up or not using the livecd, i still want to know the ways to triple boot cp, ubuntu and backtrack. I would like to know stuffs like is sharing SWAP partition between ubuntu and backtrack be possible? Since i still consider myself as newbie in these kind of stuffs, i hope someone experienced in this forum would help me before i started my noob attempts, messed things up and caused fatal error on my xp and ubuntu.

Any helps and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.