http://www.ubnt.com/src - a bit old hardware, but still beats most new integrated wifis. Also can be used with yagi etc.
The Ubiquity Network SRC 300 mW a/b/g cardbus card DOES work with BT 5R2, but there is a catch.
The card uses a modified version of AR5213A chipset, which doesn't really make out with the new ath5k driver. The open mode works fine, but when using WPA2PSK it has a tremendous amount of packet loss - like 99%. This means the only flood-pinging comes back with some reply...
Installing madwifi (as read on http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forum...ad.php?t=44409) can be done on R2 too. Watch out for the blacklists tough, the above link is not correct for the blacklisting method of R2.
After rmmod ath5k ath && modprobe ath_pci the card produces no packet loss using WPA2PSK.
Hope this helps, I wasted a day trying to make ath5k working before installing madwifi.
If anybody can make this work with the new & shiny ath5k please leave a reply.