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Thread: Packet Injection: BT4 v BT5R1 & R2

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    Post Packet Injection: BT4 v BT5R1 & R2

    After acquiring some 2nd hand routers, I felt inspired and dug out the old laptop to have a tinker, and was curious how the BT5 series was doing.

    Some interesting figures regarding aireplay-ng injection though...
    All tests were conducted on the same AP

    Cards used
    ath5k Cisco aironet AIR-CB21AG-E-K9 (cardbus)
    zd1211rw Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L (usb)
    rt2800usb Alfa AWUS036NEH (usb)

    BT4 - vanilla & 2.6.34 hand rolled
    Same results with vanilla drivers, and compat-wireless 3.5rc3-1 (patched) tested
    Driver           Packet rate laptop/VM 
    ath5k               700 pps/no PCMCIA slot
    zd1211rw            1000pps/800pps
    rt2800usb      not tested on physical hardware & device fails to work correctly in a VM ( AWUS036NEH )
    Enough IVs to crack within 5 minutes.
    BT5 - R1 & R2 
    Vanilla drivers & compat-wireless 3.5rc3-1 (patched) tested
    Driver             Packet rate laptop/VM
    ath5k                   50pps/no PCMCIA slot
    zd1211rw                50pps/50pps
    rt2800usb               50pps/50pps
    Takes well over 25 minutes to gather enough IVs to crack

    Note, on BT5 (r1/r2) aireplay output states its packet rate is hitting 1000 (or whatever I fix it to) but aireplay 'sent packet' count is only creeping up somewhere around the 50pps rate.
    If checked with airodump, you can clearly see the data rate of replies is incredibly low.
    I've also tried fixing the packet-rate to 150 to lower the load & see if there is any change, but its still remains around 50pps

    Also, some other things to note,
    when using Alfa AWUS036NEH with rt2800usb driver on BT5R2, rmmod/modprobe -r rt2800usb hangs Backtrack completely, requiring a hard reset.
    Unplugging the device is the only way the driver can be unloaded without hanging. This is the same on both physical hardware, and a VM.

    VM & AWUS036NEH do not like each other much, monitor mode is available, but refuses to collect any data, or inject. (all versions of BT, stock drivers & up to date+patched compat-wireless tested)
    BTR2 reports incorrect max TXpower for AWUS036NEH, on R2 it can only be set to 27dbm, all other versions (4/5r1) support setting at 30dbm (1000mw)

    BT5 r1/r2 was tested from both live DVDs, and updated installs.

    So, I guess what I'm interested in the most, is what happened between BT4 and BT5 regarding injection speeds?

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    Default Re: Packet Injection: BT4 v BT5R1 & R2

    Well done..Excellent report..

    I had seen something like that, when testing bt5, since I use BT4 r2 installed in my 2 laptops, but the report from Carbon6 is excellent comparison.

    In my case, I always use BT4 when it comes to audit wifi scenarios ( wifizoo, surfjack, and some other packages)

    I'm using BT5 r2 for testing and evaluation. I'm debianist and I have many of these packages installed in Debian testing (metasploit, SET, nmap latest version, sslstrip latest version, apache2, sslsniff latest version, dsniff, wireshark, ettercap, jtr, bkhive, samdump2, etc, many of them from repos).

    In the mean time, I keep testing BT5 as much as I can.

    Keep testing and debugging BT5....It is very important.
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