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    Default Paros Proxy

    Great program for testing sites security.

    To get it working run ./ and configure the browser you are using so the proxy uses 127.0.01: 8080 for http and https.

    Paros Proxy
    We wrote a program called "Paros" for people who need to evaluate the security of their web applications. It is free of charge and completely written in Java. Through Paros's proxy nature, all HTTP and HTTPS data between server and client, including cookies and form fields, can be intercepted and modified

    Features in Paros v3.2.0Alpha

    Paros v3.2.0Alpha was released on 10 Nov 2004.

    - Almost 90% completely rewrite of all codes!!!

    - Improved connectivity. Better HTTP/1.1 keep alive support.

    - Improved authentication support
    . support proxy authentication. Basic and NTLM should be supported.
    . support individual server authentication.

    - Improved session saving
    . the sites hierarchy and history can be restored from session file.
    . better performance by use of inline DB.
    . support large sites testing both in scanning and spidering.

    - Better extensibility by supporting extensions and plugins

    - New extension design
    . used for adding functions to core program
    . to be further polished in final release

    - New plugin features
    . each plugin represent a test
    . support knowledge base for plugins sharing
    . support dependency check.
    . customer plugins can be created by inheriting different AbstractPluginXXX class.
    . to be further polished in final release
    - New spider:
    . URL crawling and form crawling. Forms will fill the options values with limited combinations.
    . with configurable options.
    . support start/stop/resume
    . estimated % complete

    - New scanner:
    . with configurable options
    . with multiple hosts/threads
    . support stopping individual hosts.
    . generated alerts can be viewed while scanning.

    - New filters:
    . custom filter can be added by dropping into filter directory by using Filter interface.

    - New application logging support in log directory.

    - Improved user interface.
    . Click on tab to maximize working panel.
    . Support image viewing.

    - Support use of Ant (1.6.2) build.xml

    - Change of copyright owner to parent company.

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    Thanks sounds kinda neat, i think i will give it a try.

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