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Thread: NTFS problem!

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    Question NTFS problem!

    Hello, i have burned backtrack 5 r2 to a live cd (dvd+rw) and when i try to mount my hdd (windows ntfs), i get errors that i cant read file input/output error. I think its because back track doesnt support ntfs. How do i get it to support it?

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    Default Re: NTFS problem!

    That is quite strange...I mount my windows 7 partition every time i need to and always with no hassels...All Linux OS (Grubs) support FAT, NTFS partitions.

    How are you trying to mount partition?

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    Default Re: NTFS problem!

    You need to be FAR more specific. What commands are you using to mount the partition? Exactly what errors are you getting? Are you sure you're mounting the right partition?
    These are the things you need to include when making a post.

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