Hello everyone. I'm about 3 days new to BackTrack but I've used Ubuntu for a few months.

I've searched all forums, but this question hasn't been answered, to my knowledge.

I know that you edit the "/etc/issue" file to change the login page...

But are there any other codes?

What I mean is, for example, the following code turns the text a shade of green:

(the ___ is the text that turns green.)

In a text editor the shows up as a box.
Anyway, is there any other codes? Such as... maybe turning font red?

So far I'm loving backtrack, and this community is exactly what I am looking for


EDIT: I did a google search, and found the answer!
Sorry for the post- I did a forum search, not google.
Anyway, I found http://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?t=1983
(I would link the whole thing, but I can't because my post count is below 15 >.<)
Thanks anyway