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Thread: Vmware Wireless Network goes down after arpspoof

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    Post Vmware Wireless Network goes down after arpspoof

    Hello everybody!

    I am running Backtrack 5 from Vmware,using the bridge option.
    I am able to do an arp spoofing to other pc in my house,but when i do that after 2 minutes,all network goes down (I have a wireless router)
    A couple of times i had to restart the router because i was not able to connect again even with backtrack close!

    More information related to this:

    Virtual Pc
    Pc that runs Virtual Backtrack

    When i ping from the victim to the bactrack,and then execute arp -a,in its arp table
    appears the Virtual Backtrack and the machine in which backtrack is running,both with same mac.

    Arp Table from Victim at 0:1e:e5:4c:e5:e7 Gateway at 0:1e:e5:4c:e5:e7 VirtualBacktrack at 0:1e:e5:4c:e5:e7 Machine that runs Vmware

    And if i ping from the machine that runs the virtual backtrack to the virtual backtrack i get :
    "Ping . "(100 is virtual backtrack,104 machine where virtual back runs)
    "Reply from Destination host unreachabe" x4
    "Packet sent 4 ,received 4"

    So it pings to 100,but 104 answers,show errors but i does not lose any packet.

    This is the WireShark log ,at the time the victim tries to acces some web page,at
    the botton you can see some errors like :
    "Destination unreachable (Port unreachable)" WireShark log

    My router is a Link WRT54G2 and my adapter is an Atheros.
    Ip_forward =1.

    Maybe all that info it s not important and this is some problem related to Wireless connection in General.
    Working with 2 Virtual Machines it works fine.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Default Re: Vmware Wireless Network goes down after arpspoof

    In the following link you can see the WireShark analysis at the time i try to access to some web page in this case from
    the victim computer.

    My ip_forward it s equal to 1,the arp table from the victim shows the backtrack VirtualMachine as gateway,so everything looks perfect.
    But after access a web page,internet dies for all computers,and when i do the arpspoof i just point to 1 computer:
    arpspoof -i eth1 -T GatewayIp Victim
    arpspoof -i eth1 -T Victim GatewayIp

    So maybe some one taking a look at that link can see something strange.
    I really really appreciate some help.

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    Default Re: Vmware Wireless Network goes down after arpspoof

    Try to arpspoof with ettercap..You do not have to alter the /etc/etter.conf, just run: ettercap -Tqi "iface" -M arp /Victims ip/ /Gateway/

    With this instruction you do 2 things: forwarding and arpspoofing.

    See what happens...

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