Okay so originally I wanted to install Dell's project sputnik (a custom Ubuntu image with custom driver support for my laptop, http://hwe.ubuntu.com/uds-q/dellxps/) and then just install the backtrack tools in Ubuntu but for some reason I couldn't get it to install even though the downloaded .bz2 and the iso have both been sha256sum verified for multiple downloads and trying various bootloaders on Win 7, Vista, OSX and Ubuntu. Since I bought my Dell xps in Asia the preinstalled Windows 7 was in Chinese and I was unable to read the error messages that I saw when trying to install. I figured if I could actually read the error messages that would at least guide be able to install the OS I want. I have been using Backtrack 5r1 as a live boot for awhile so I thought I would install at as my primary OS and from there install sputnik. I successfully installed Backtrack5r2 gnome with no issues but since then I have tried installing Sputnik, Ubuntu, Mint, Win 7 and Win Vista. All check sum verified, and loaded onto various usb sticks with various bootloaders and OS's again Win 7, Vista, OSX, Ubuntu and Backtrack5r2 Gnome. The installs have come out error free but when I try to boot from the drive all I see is "Operating system not found" every time. I have been at this for 3 weeks and it is driving me crazy. Is there anything to Backtrack5r2 that would prevent me from dualbooting? Has anyone encountered anything like this? Heard of anything like this? Any suggestions? Please.