Pulled this little guy off the shelf today so I could take my first crack at cracking WEP. Here's the hardware I'm playing with:

Toshiba U305-S5077 laptop
ALFA AWUS036H wireless card
Linksys WAP11 access point

I powered on the linksys and the ssid came up as "office", so I held down the reset button for 10+ seconds to reset it. I switched my card over to monitor mode to make sure the wap was broadcasting beacons, and it is. However, kwifimanager doesn't see it. So using the wap mac I got from wireshark, I manually associated with the ap, and iwconfig correctly reports me as associated and the essid as "linksys".

The linksys is not plugged into a network, btw. The default setting on this thing is supposed to have its IP set to Its just an access point, so no DHCP to hand out. So I issued ifconfig wlan1 followed by ifconfig wlan1 netmask Pings wouldn't respond from, and a nmap ping sweep of the subnet showed only my computer.

On the windows side, I tried plugging in the wap to the network and then connecting to it from XP. I got a dhcp address on my wireless card, meaning the wap is able to send and receive traffic and forward it on to the rest of the network.

Can anyone see anything I'm missing? I can't play with wep if I can't configure the blasted wap to use wep. I'm just about ready to wop it.