I have googled every, and searched far beyond the realms of space. One such article that I found on this forum got me very close yet when I went to enter the 'echo" command line I got no results and even after tying to move through the other steps was able to get partitions to set up from the help of an fully encrypted USB tutorial using lvm. I have yet another walkthrough which is installing bt5 encrypted along side Widows 7, however I do not wish to use windows at all. I 64bit computer, an i5 processor, and 1 tb of HDD. I really am very impressed with this distro and would like to be able to encrypt all actions and as much of my personal data as possible. It just seems like I get really close, as in into the intsall disk with the part of manually section of the partion set up. From there using the root commands to partition the disks has led me to the same attempted set up of a dual boot with Windows 7. Please if anyone has a simple step by step walkthrough that I can load onto my other computer and navigate easily through you would of helped me so much as to having no idea. I love this OS, I have tried numerous Linux distros, but the BT5R2 KDE is by far my choice by far. One of the walkthroughs I used was at. http://www.mathyvanhoef.com/2011/08/...boot-with.html I liked the easier idea of using gparted to set things up, but there is still issues in final execution that either I'm not full getting, using improper command lines, or possible an old walkthrough. Thank you so much for any help in getting this task completed. I will share any help that I can for any new users as well. Just really want to get this tackled. It's been 2weeks of digging all over the web to get close but not there. Thanks again.