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Thread: Advanced WPA(2) attack methods?

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    Default Re: Advanced WPA(2) attack methods?

    I can't give a practical explanation, sorry, but the attack has been described on the intertubes in depth. Try it out. If it does fail, SE is always an option.
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    Default Respuesta: Re: Advanced WPA(2) attack methods?

    Yes, but there is also a problem with the PC we have. I have try to many wordlist and they are to big to work with then & I do believe that my Notebook is not bad and still need to get a better one !! at the end you really need a mobile workstation !!

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    Default Re: Advanced WPA(2) attack methods?

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowMaster View Post
    @SilicaG about the rogue AP not helping... Forgot to quote sorry...

    You actually wrong on that. If you create a rogue AP with the same SSID and MAC, then Deauth the client and have him connect to your AP, since you choose the nonce you can decrypt the key immediately. That is the accepted way to hack WPA via human element.
    MMM I'm not sure about that. AFAIK That's right that you can emulate a real AP with same ssid/mac, force deauth to let the client disconnect the real AP and connect our rougue AP, but simply you run the rouge AP without the password and the client just connects. Yes, the client communicates the Primary Master Key based on the password (generated with a non reversable algoritm), but is the the same you have when you capture the handshake.

    It's a one-year-old document, but read this:

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    Default Re: Advanced WPA(2) attack methods?

    hi guys,

    i've 2 questions hope someone can help,

    1) i hv a 1G word list (all numbers) with wordcount of 100000001, if i run it on a 2Gz dua core processor to crack a WPA handshake, how long it will takes?
    2) when i use reaver, i noticed the pin tries are faster on some AP but very slow on others (notes i'm using same parameters).
    Any ideas why?

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