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Thread: Intallation stuck at "Choose a Keyboard Layout"

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    Default Intallation stuck at "Choose a Keyboard Layout"


    I'm fairly new to Unix systems all around, and I got curious about BackTrack 5.
    I'm trying to install it using a live USB pen, but I get stuck on step 2, after choosing the Keyboard Layout.

    I have already checked into these two posts that refer to this issue:


    I tried creating the dummy partitions suggested on the second link using cfdisk. I have also tried installing the x32 and x64 versions. I wish there is a simple solution without having to use another installation mean, other than the USB pen.

    I also read some posts advising to check md5, but I don't really know how to do that, or what good would that be.

    Thank you all in advance,

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: Intallation stuck at "Choose a Keyboard Layout"

    when something goes wrong when you download your iso, your iso get's corrupted and the md5 sum of the iso changes.
    Download a program like this: to check the md5 sum.
    And compare the md5 sum of your iso with the one that's mentioned in the download section of course.
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    Default Re: Intallation stuck at "Choose a Keyboard Layout"

    Hi Jareth,

    i had the same issue with usb pen installation ... after trying a other usb pen as isntallation source everything worked fine for me ... just check that your pen is FAT32!


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    Default Re: Intallation stuck at "Choose a Keyboard Layout"

    Are you using Verbatim "Store N Go" USB pen drives?

    This is a known issue with various Linux distros. They report strange drive geometry which causes gparted/parted to crash (which is the step after keyboard layout).

    If that's what you were using you might want to try another brand/model of USB pen drive.
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