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    Wink Backtrck newbie

    I like to thanl those who run this forum for the excellent support they have with using BT. even though there are some config problems at my end, this has forced me to add another feather in my hat LINUX, and doing the reseacrh here and other places to find solution to my problems, which could help others

    I currently using HP 9205 laptop and have gain a loy of support by just reading other posts and reading up on linux. I using gotten Live cd to run in VMware, but my wireless etho says no extension, I also tryed to install ndiswrapper, but at this point I believe I may need to install BT to my harddrive to rectify problems I having at the moment.

    As I continue developing my system I will update my progress as it may assist someone esle

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    hp ? i got a 9000 and used to got a 6146

    the two got dell 1390 wifi cards (broadcom.....) and most hp too, i bet it's one
    the pb comes from these brcm cards wich are sketchy, i got one i can't even connect to internet................

    seek for brcm43xx here you will see
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    Do a search on this forum for "vmware wireless card" (without the quotes). You'll find some interesting information.

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