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Thread: Hydra bruteforce and dictonary attack script.

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    Default Hydra bruteforce and dictonary attack script.

    This is my first script - HidraShok

    It is a script to make password attacks alot easier for people. It can do either bruteforcing or dictonairy attacks.

    I spent all morning learning how to code this and i wanted to share it with everyone, I couldnt find a section in the forums for scripts but i noticed there was alot of script in this section so i chose to post here (please move if it the wrong section).

    version 0.1
    • It can do a dictonary attack
    • It can bruteforce
    • It can use a single username or a list of usernames
    • You can choose how many tasks to run simultanouisly
    • You can choose the timeout time
    • You can choose the wabpage to attack

    version 0.2
    • Fixed a problem in the if statment that executed the final command to run hydra. It was stoping the script working if you had picked password option 1 or 2.
    • New issue when choosing the option to use text files the script turns the ' into / so it messes up the script. looking for a fix, does anyone know one?

    Things i want to do
    • Add in error detection incase user enters wrong info
    • More options to define the attack
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