I'm currently working on the development of an embedded systems device that communicates with the LAN over wifi (it has a simple wifi module on the board that can connect to a WEP or WPA network).

I've been using Wireshark on my workstation PC to monitor the traffic going back and forth between hosts on the LAN (in promiscuous mode of course) so I can see all Ethernet frames.

Now I've reached a development stage of moving on to testing on a WPA network. I've opened up Wireshark and set it to promiscuous mode... but I can't see other people's frames! I can only see broadcast frames and unicast frames directed to my own MAC address, that's all.

I've been searching the internet on how to get Wireshark to sniff WPA traffic in promiscuous mode, and I even went into Preference->IEEE 802.11 and entered my SSID and WPA key, but still nothing.

I've tried changing the access point's encryption from WPA2-PSK to WPA1 with TKIP but still nothing, I can't see other people's frames.

Does anyone know a solution to this? If I need to pay money for a product then I will. I'd prefer a piece of software rather than hardware, but if I need hardware to do it then that's OK. I'd prefer if I could still use Wireshark instead of having to use another program.