I have installed and configured Backtrack 5 R2 on my HP (SB) 630 Laptop. For the most part everything is working; from the touchpad, quick buttons, all the way to the webcam. But I am having an issue with my wifi. (And please forgive me I am not a Linux expert)

I can only join certain networks. For example I can join network at the office just fine, or at any of the local hospitals that we service. But I cannot join most home networks or the hotspot on my phone. (My assumption is that on the corporate networks I get an IPv6 address and off the phone or at home I do not, however this may not be relevant to the problem) I get one of two issues.

1: WICD says that I failed to obtain an IP address from the network. I confirmed dhclient was fine (to the best of my ability). I can STILL join my corporate network and all works well. When I open then terminal and run dmesg I get an output stating that there were no IPv6 routers present.

2: WICD says bad password even when I know it is correct. dmesg gives similar errors about the IPv6 router.

I have updated the wireless drives from the Linux Wireless site and still no luck. Perhaps I did it wrong?

Any thoughts?

--Warm Regards,