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Thread: Install backtrack in non allocated

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    Default Install backtrack in non allocated

    I put backtrack on my USB stick to install on my computer

    I have a 750GB hard drive
    A C: partition 100GB for Windows
    Another partition D: 550Go for document

    and normally remains unallocated 50GB for my backtrack

    But I'm lost .. to install backtrack, he offers everything formatted ..

    I would like to install backtrack on 50GB non allocated

    How? thank you

    Sorry for my bad english-*

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    Default Re: Install backtrack in non allocated

    You need to create an ext4 partition and a swap partition. Then install bt5 with "Manually" option when running "BT5 Install" from desktop.

    To create a ext4 and a swap partitions, you need to download gparted and burn it onto a CD or from the USB BT5, open up a terminal and type gparted..If it's not in USB BT5, you must find it in the DVD live or as I said, download the gparted.


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