Hello all,

Just a quick question really. I've been playing around with BT5 recently, nothing strenuous, WiFi cracking really. Iv'e got a real desire to learn more about it as this is the area of field I would like to be a part of. As part of my desire to learn more about it I have been looking at books. The only one I can find is this one: http://www.amazon.com/BackTrack-Assu.../dp/1849513945
The one problem is that is that it was written for BT4. My question is this. Is the similararaties (for the life of me I cant find out how to spell that correctly, sorry) between both BT5 and BT4 to warrant me purchasing this book? Is it going to be a waste of money? Im thinking that most of the tools themselves wont of changed so I cant see a problem but thought I should speak to the guys who actually know first.
If this book isn't actually worth purchasing could you guys please recommend one? I've got the usual tutorials on YouTube etc but I spent alot of my time travelling on the trains and the WiFi is a rip. Ironically I could get access for free but that's not very ethical is it.
Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you