I've been unsuccessful in trying to get the terminal beep/bell working using:
echo -e "\a"

The computer's sound system is okay - playing something in my browser works fine. Actually, now that I think about it I'm not sure if any non-browser sound works in my Backtrack 5 R2. Am I supposed to hear something when BT5 starts up?

I've searched the web and there doesn't appear to be any consistency on this. It's been suggested that this is a bug within Ubuntu. Some get it working using alsamixer (some, like me, don't). Modifying the blacklist file didn't do it nor did removing compiz (two other suggestions). Didn't find much of anything relating to the bell/beep in backtrack though.

I'm running BT5 R2 and Gnome in a VM environment.

Anyone seen anything similar to this?