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Thread: Bactrack 5 r2 armitage how to bypass firewall

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    Default Bactrack 5 r2 armitage how to bypass firewall

    im using bactrack 5 r2. When i launch armitage by typing in armitage into the terminal it comes up fine. then once im in armitage i put the ip address that i want to gain access to. Well heres the problem how can i bypass or turn off firewall remotely so that i can get access into the computer. The computer is linux and windows xp 2003

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    Default Re: Bactrack 5 r2 armitage how to bypass firewall

    Need to see what is in ports..Then try to see what ports are open or which ones are exploitables...Then depending on the port service "listenning", use a exploit and payload..Not all systems are vulnerables.

    Try nmap first, you can even try some scripts within nmap (NSE)..Try metasploit. All depends on the ports and status.....

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