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Thread: Virtual Box vboxdrv/kernel

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    Default Virtual Box vboxdrv/kernel


    Vbox wont load on my BT 5 R2 sys. I installed one version which appears in sys tools menu using a standard .run file and a second version which is listed in the Accessories menu, both version 4.x. The problem is that the vboxdrv library fails to load at boot. I queried using modprob only to see a fatal error. So, After scratching my head for several hrs I sought help from the community. The mod suggest updating the kernel a few cmd posted on the backtrack wiki. Needless to say, that Im back at square one. Please take a look at the scrnsht I posted on virtualbox as virtualking. I might have to completely remove both versions of vbox.

    Errr "Please re-install Kernel module by exec etc/init.d/vboxdrv setp"

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    nevermind! the bios was not set to allow virtualization, problem solved!

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