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Thread: How much hard-drive space does Backtrack 5 R2 need?

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    Default Re: How much hard-drive space does Backtrack 5 R2 need?

    Quote Originally Posted by auscult View Post
    I plan on installing BackTrack 5 R2 on my hard drive, beside Windows 7 and another Linux distro. I plan on using Backtrack only ocassionally, and so want to create for it a partition size that is as small as I can make it and still have it run as smoothly as if it had unlimited hard-drive space.
    How big of a partition should I create for BackTrack 5 R2? We don't plan on installing any other packages in BackTrack. Thank you.


    I have a similar setup, except I am triple booting, Vista, Backtrack and OSX. I just installed Backtrack (i'm posting this from Konqueror) I had to install several times to find out an amount of space that would be appropriate. I eventually went with a 17G partition. Like you I only plan on using backtrack on a fairly rare basis, so I didn't want to waste any space.

    With an install, and then a safe-upgrade with aptitude from the backtrack servers, I ended up with 4.7G free. Also, and I'm not sure how much it matters, I am using the x86 version of the OS. With all that in mind, you can figure where you want to be based on your anticipated usage patterns, as noted from a previous reply, if you choose to install open office or whatever other "Producivity" software you might want. Just a note though the safe-upgrade sent my free space somewhere in the 3G range, but that was only temporary, and the space came back after aptitude was done.

    I realize your post is a month old, but I hope this will help you or anyone else with this question. I ran across this from google, so i imagine others might be lurking who needs some help.


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    Default Re: How much hard-drive space does Backtrack 5 R2 need?

    If you do not install other apps then a standard install of BT5 R2 will take approx 14 GB, so you could have your partition of about 16 GB.

    I have Dual boot Win7 and BT 5 R2. I am accessing my data from windows and also from Linux easily. Here is my arrangement

    My BT partition is 23 GB. I have installed many other applications like k3b, kget, ktorrent, vmware, opera ... etc.
    I create a separate NTFS partition of 54 GB to store data from Windows and as well as from Linux so i can easily access my data from both the OSes.
    As we can not have HOME folder on NTFS so i moved Documents, Videos, Music, Downloads etc folders to that NTFS partition.
    This way you can use your BT partion only to install BT and other progams and keep your data on other partition.

    I am also a newbie for Linux, i do not know if this arrangement is good or not, but it is working well for me.

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