Alfa card AWUS036H
Internal wireless card
Virtual Box 4.1.6
BT5 Virtual Box
XP host

Virtual box settings
- Adapter1: NAT->AdapterName: Blank->Adapter type: Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)

I have three BT5 VM's installed in VBox. Two have small virtual drives (under 10 gig)

NAT works fine and Alfa can be enabled/disabled with out effecting NAT (as long as

Alfa is disable NAT works); the third VM giving me NAT problems has been migrated to a

larger drive on a different partition. Migration seemed to go fine, and BT5 was able

to function flawlessly, except that NAT will not work. Somewhere btween starting the

bigger BT5 VBox and running aircrack a new 'Virtual Box Host-Only Network' adapter

appeared (#2) within XP host.

ifconfig on VBoxes that have functional NAT display eth0 AND lo (local loopback), but

on the broken VBox ifconfig only shows lo. eth0 is what i want on my broken VBox, how

do i get eth0??? How do i find out which adapter is being used by which VBox? Thank


ps: i have already tried root@bt:~# ifconfig eth0 up