I cannot seem to get karmetasploit to broadcast my AP. Actually, taking it back a few steps I cannot get airbase-ng (v.r2154) to broadcast an SSID. I have seen it broadcast a few intermittent times (not many at all), but most of the time it doesn't show up at all. When it showed up the last time it came up as ad-hoc also.

simplest comand I have tried: sudo airbase-ng -e "Wifi-test" -c 11 -v mon0 (I have tried with/without -c and -P -C 30) It appears to work just fine on the attacking machine, but nothing gets broadcasted. I have tried viewing from (3) different computers (winXP, Win7, ubuntu 12.04)

Additionally, I am running Ubuntu 12.04
I have tried (3) different wireless cards
Internal Card: Intel 4965
External USB: Ubiquiti Atheros carl9170
external SUB: ALFA AWUS036H Realtek RTL8187L

I have tried putting each in/out of monitor mode (airmon-ng start monX)

Has anyone experienced this issue and have advice/solution?