Hello everyone, this is my first time using BackTrack (I primarily use Windows and Ubuntu). So, when I got in everything seemed to be going fine, but then I tried to connect to the Internet and it didn't work. After doing some googling, apparently Wicd Network Manager is how you are able to connect to the internet. When I start Wicd, however, all it says is: No wireless networks found. So, I'm not sure what to do from here because all the other forums talk about people who have been using BackTrack and it just stopped working and there is nothing for first time setup. I've gone through tons of guides and done stuff with ifconfig, wlan0, and a bunch of other stuff so a step-by-step guide would be really helpful. A little information to help you help me:
My wireless network does work I use it all the time on my Windows
Currently, I am dual-booting, NOT USING VM
The computer works and there is nothing wrong with the drivers
I hope you guys can help and thanks in advance!