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Thread: BT5 installation

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    Default BT5 installation

    Hallo guys,
    I am tryting to install BT5 R1 on my laptop. I am useing a live DVD and installeing with VM Manager on Windows 7. It goes all well with everything, all parts 1-7 are going good but then it starts to install and stuck on 40% and doesn't move forward then for hours... :/ Can somebody help me out pleas? I new with this and never tryed it before, so please be passionat. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks to all of you,

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    Default Re: BT5 installation

    @user80 you might consider trying out our VMWare version of Backtrack which can be downloaded from the official website. Also make sure you download the latest Backtrack 5 R2.
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    Default Re: BT5 installation

    My Wlan card is rt2800pci. i am so curious coz i the name that shows is wlan0 unknown rt2800pci. would you like to help me. please..

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    Default Re: BT5 installation

    Thank you very much for the fast answer! I will try this out tomorrow and burn a new DVD with it. Thanks again a lot. I hope so much it will all work out and I'll learn more about .

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