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    Question Nvidia cpyrit-cuda

    So I just installed bt4 final and I'm loving it. Everything seems to work great. Except...

    I'm trying to get cpyrit working on here and following the .pdf guide


    , which was originally written for bt4 prefinal, does not work for me. I installed nvidia-driver, pyrit, and cpyrit-cuda and then typed

    #pyrit list_cores
    which just output my two cpu cores with no mention of my gpu. I've searched around the new forum a bit, but I havent seen any thread regarding this.

    Could somone help me get pyrit to recognize my gpu? FYI, my gpu is an Nvidia GeForce 8400M.

    Solved: I took a look at that .pdf document you posted and noticed that you said I could check to see if the driver was properly installed by greping the xorg.conf file. So I did just that and found that there was no mention of nvidia as the driver. Reading on down the document, I used nvidia-xconfig to generate a new xorg.conf file. After reinstalling pyrit and cpyrit-cuda, pyrit now recognizes my gpu core . Thanks again for that .pdf
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