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Thread: BT5 not recognizing internal wifi card.

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    Default BT5 not recognizing internal wifi card.

    I'm on an HP laptop with a Broadcom card inside. Have BackTrack 5 R2 installed to HDD, although I'm not using it since it locks up after a few minutes. While running R1 on a USB stick, it won't recognize the internal wifi at all. "lspci" shows the Broadcom PCI card, but rfkill shows nothing. Hitting the "F12" key which is the wifi key does nothing. Any ideas folks?

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    Default Re: BT5 not recognizing internal wifi card.

    I've always had bad luck with anything Broadcom on BackTrack (going back to BT3). Monitor mode working, then stopping...vanishing from iwconfig, etc.

    Although it's not an answer to your question, I'd invest in a wifi adapter with a more BT-compatible chipset.
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