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Thread: Crack WPA2 - hashcat, pyrit, crunch, cowpatty, aircrack-ng

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    Default Crack WPA2 - hashcat, pyrit, crunch, cowpatty, aircrack-ng


    I was trying so many of those and I try to use crunch with aircrack-ng but it takes so much time.. as I'm not sure how big is the key

    My question is

    1. how can I know how big is WPA2 key I want to crack? Any way to test it from cap file so I can use crunch for same lenght?

    2. I created hash cap but I can't use hashcatoscl+ as it asking for NVIDIA ot ATI, can I use CPU some how instead?

    3. Is there maybe other way to crack WPA2 instead of those cowpatty , pyrit, aircrack that are using password lists?

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    Default Re: Crack WPA2 - hashcat, pyrit, crunch, cowpatty, aircrack-ng

    You can try using reaver to crack WPS enabled routers thats using WPA or WPA2.

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    Default Re: Crack WPA2 - hashcat, pyrit, crunch, cowpatty, aircrack-ng

    Make a hardwire connection to your router and verify the passphrase
    You can't. You have to check either dictionary lists or a bruteforce list such
    as using crunch to succeed when trying to crack .cap or .hccap file offline.
    If you have a good idea of the buildup of the passphrase then you could
    try to focus crunch into creating lists of a better / smaller build better suited
    to the expected passphrase, rather than piping huge amounts of bruteforce data.

    Assuming you mean you converted a .cap file to the .hccap format for use in hashcat.
    If you do not have a graphics card able to handle either CUDA (nVidia) or OpenCL (ATI) then
    you dont want oclHashcat+.
    You should probably also check out the hashcat-GUI version which is able to handle
    both (CPU / GPU)

    As mentioned above, the current favourite is using reaver which can crack some WPS enabled router's
    8 digit PIN number, from which you will then get the router's WPA(2) password.

    Otherwise you are stuck with;
    > profiling the target, and creating custom wordlists for the intended target.
    > being extremely patient and going through a lot of data
    > spending money on an online cracking service
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