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Thread: AWUS036H + VMWare + BT 5 r2

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    Default AWUS036H + VMWare + BT 5 r2

    Hello all!

    I've recently taken a break from using Backtrack because of my university studies, and I've tried searching for a solution or if someone else has experience with my specific setup.

    I know when I did use BT4 I had an issue with my AWUS036H card and VMWare, giving me an Unknown Error: 132 report. I did find a fix for it (I believe it was posted by Muts). However, I wanted to know if this issue still exists in BT5 R2, and if it does, whether or not the modprobe rmmod solution still works. I apologize if this has been answered before but I have searched high and low and could not find someone *explicitly* saying BT5 R2 and Awus036h cards work fine on VMware.

    If the solution still works, does the solution work for every session until u shut it down or do you have to constantly be fixing it if it keeps rfkill'ing during single VM session.

    Thank you very much for your time, BT community.

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    Default Re: AWUS036H + VMWare + BT 5 r2

    Try it...The commands still ramain the same and will remain..
    The awus036H should work out of the box.

    You can make changes permanent. Need to see what is really happening in your case.


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    Default Re: AWUS036H + VMWare + BT 5 r2

    yea i have the same setup and i never came to this problem before..
    Wiffy-Auto-Cracker - was the best thing that ever happen to me. :) Wo0oT :)
    AWUSO36H_500mW_5dBi Antenna

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