Having an issue launching unicornscan-pgsql-setup. I get the following errors:

root@bt:/pentest/scanners/unicornscan# ./setup-unicornscan.sh
./setup-unicornscan.sh: line 46: /opt/framework3/postgresql/data/pg_hba.diff.patch: No such file or directory
./setup-unicornscan.sh: line 70: /opt/framework3/postgresql/data/: No such file or directory
[FATAL] pg_hba.diff.patch could not be applied. Exiting.

I believe the issue has something to do with there no longer being a /opt/framework/ or /opt/framework3/ directory (i.e. the old symbolic link trick doesn't seem to work anymore). Do I need to link to /opt/metasploit/? Any suggestions?