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Thread: Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000

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    Default Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000

    I have the card mentioned above on a Sony Vaio and using Backtrack 5R2 64 bit.
    I didn't exactly understand if this card is compatible and or/if needs a patch...
    I used this site
    On these forums I did find another thread with the same card as mine but no one replied to it.
    My issue is using the aircrack suite. I never seem to capture more than 8 IVs... tried it on WEP networks with associated or with no clients associated.
    Tried different attacks like chop chop -3 -4 -2 ...mac spoofing also ..moving closer to the AP.nothing seemed to work then i started thinking maybe its hardware.
    This card CAN inject though.Maybe the problem is it can't inject and listen at the same time ? Sometimes it stops getting packages when i inject.
    Anyway that's another story.
    Im hoping im not reading the lspci well enough so im providing a picture
    My question is if it needs a patch or is it compatible with what im trying to do ?
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