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    Hi guys kinda new to the scene, somewhat familia with everything. Tried searching google and the forums here for my answer but either couldnt find it or i simply missed it, so sorry in advance if the answer is here. So while booting BT5R2 from usb after selecting default text boot it runs through all the on screen text then says "Kernel panic - attemepting or attempted to kill-init" and just stops doing anything at this point. Boots up just fine in virtual box thought. Any ideas what im doing wrong? Thanks for the help

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    I am also pretty new to the BackTrack scene, so I can't tell you what you are doing wrong. (Even though I've done the same as you, and have had a flawless experience).
    Have you tried reformatting the USB drive or use a different USB drive?
    Have you seen if you hardware has compatible drivers?

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    Default Re: Kernel Panic

    Do the CAPS LOCK flash? That happened to me and I had a complete Kernel Panic. Oddly I burned BTR51 and No Issues...

    Maybe go up or down a version and see what happens?

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    Use BT5 r1 instead, burn a CD...And see if it works...Kernel Panic is due to "I do not know how to handle this issue between hardware and software", and the kernel, so to speak, "panics"...I strongly recommend to use BT5 r1 and see what happens.

    listerdl did that and it worked for him...

    Remember, the realeses "r1, r2, etc" are not "final". The R2 updated kernel to 3.x.x and R1 has a 2.6.X kernel..


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