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Thread: On-screen keyboard for tablet input?

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    Question On-screen keyboard for tablet input?


    I'm running the latest version of Backtrack on a Motion Computing LE1600 Tablet-PC from a USB drive. I was wondering if there were any on-screen keyboard programs that I might be able to use with Backtrack and figured I would ask here.

    Since the tablet only has two USB ports, and I have three devices to plug in (keyboard, usb drive, usb wifi adapter), I have to use a USB hub, which makes for a clumsy setup. So any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: On-screen keyboard for tablet input?

    Sorry for bumping a old forum but hopefully this will help people who might have the same question as the user above when it comes to using tablets most of them don't come with a keyboard so you need a virtual keyboard to use however if you fellow this guide below you should be fine im using a Motion Computing LS 800 Tablet and have tested this myself before posting and it works HOWEVER! You will need to configure your linux to auto login other wise you will need a keyboard to login to your account each time...

    You notice how with backtrack when you first start up it asks you login with root and toor and then startx well i don't believe you can use a virtual keyboard at this part so you will need to research auto-login root and have your login auto log you in....

    alright getting started!
    connect to the internet and then open a terminal and type in: apt-get install onboard
    After its installed move on to this part:

    However, if you cannot use the keyboard, you cannot type. On to method 2:

    Go to System -> Preferences -> Assistive Technologies in the Ubuntu menu.
    Select “Enable assistive technologies”.
    Click “Preferred Applications”.
    Under Mobility, select onBoard from the drop-down menu. Check “Run at start”.
    Log out and log back in, and the On Screen Keyboard is now enabled.

    Should now be good to go using this virtual keyboard however you can also try using Matchbox-keyboard or you can use Florence i've only use Matchbox-keyboard but not real nice if your working with a small resolution...

    Just remember you will need to make your linux auto login to an account root or some other account which ever i normally use root myself.

    Sorry if there are any spelling errors not trying to win a spelling contest!

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