Yes, I have searched google and the forums here for an answer. All I find are solutions that are not relevant to the question. So here I am.

Toshiba Satellite L675 with AMD graphics (some terrible integrated junk) is what I am trying to boot on. I installed Backtrack 5 r2 to a USB drive and it boots perfectly on this laptop. However, a USB drive limits me because of it's size and various other reasons that really don't apply to the issue at hand.

I installed from the USB to a portable usb hard drive. I did an actual install, not a USB setup on the portable drive. Booted perfectly on this laptop and ran fine for a day or so and through several reboots between backtrack and the windows 7 installed on the laptop hard drive. So everything work with this laptop.

Now, I wanted a small 20 gig partition on the end of the partition table to encrypt. I had a linux partition, then ext part, then a 380gig fat32 and it was working fine. I resized the fat32 partition and left myself 20098 mb at the end for my encrypted partition. I did this while booted into the backtrack on the portable drive. I rebooted and all I get now is a black screen and a blinking cursor.

I booted back to my USB drive and installed again exept this time I set up all the partitions during the install in case that was the issue. Same issue. I moved the drive to a new USB port and still a blinking cursor. I tried to reinstall grub and I get an error that there is no device to install grub to.

I tried every grub fix I could come up with from google and linux forums and now luck. I have since installed to the portable drive in every possible way from letting it use the entire drive to just setting up linux partitions and leaving the remaining space unformatted. I have booted into windows 7 and done a safe removal of the drive just in case. Still all I have is a blinking cursor.

I can boot to my live USB and the file system and everything looks as it should (as far as I can tell) on the portable drive, but it will not boot past the blinking cursor.

So what now? Do I set fire to it or am I just missing something obvious?