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Thread: My first written Wireless attack tutorial

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    Default My first written Wireless attack tutorial

    Hello to all Backtrack Community, over the last few months i've been learning about Network Security, mostly Wireless attacks and exploitation and i would like to release my first written Wireless Attack Tutorial.

    My point is not to show that I'm an expert, which I'm not, i just want to thank the community with my work since i've learned a lot from the community because you made it possible. I hope this first independent study can help a lot of begginers as i was and learned a lot in documents like this one.

    I hope i release my second independent study on Exploitation and MITM very soon.

    I hope everything is alright with me posting this here since i've found here papers like this one and they were very useful.

    Link to download:

    Feedback always appreciated, feel free to contact me on
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