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Thread: Flash Player Buggy After Firefox 12 Update... (tor)

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    Default Flash Player Buggy After Firefox 12 Update... (tor)

    Fresh install of BT5 R2
    I installed tor browser bundle
    I installed flash using my noob method ... downloaded the tar.gz file and extracted the file into my desktop folder and it worked on both Firefox 10 (default) and the tor bundle.

    Did a nessus scan and noticed I had to many vulnerabilities on my personal system so I updated to firefox 12 using mozilla's website instructions.
    Here's the problem... now no matter what I do flash wont work on tor...
    I tried re-doing my method... nothing
    I went to the wiki and followed the "official" way to install adobe flash... it worked for the updated version but TOR browser bundle didn't have flash...
    I re downloaded the bundle and redid the above actions... nothing
    Im contemplating a reinstall just for a quick fix but... thats not the way lol!
    So guys/gals any Idea why updating from Firefox 10 - 12 made my flash to stop working on my tor browser bundle????

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    Default Re: Flash Player Buggy After Firefox 12 Update... (tor)

    For using TOR, it will disable some of Firefox plugins including flash player cause it might send your information.

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