OK, so after trying to update to R2, after a reboot I got the black/blank screen, fix that then I tried to update the grub menu, I can't remember what I exactly did, because for some reason when booting to the grub menu, the first 2 options were gone, and only left me with the memtest+ and the other option..

I did a work around to get bt to boot up by editing the memtest option by hitting the 'E' key at menu and manually entering in the details...

after that, I kept trying and trying to get those 2 options to pop back up but didn't work and I did something to where as tho, it would now only boot to the

grub> command line..

so I took a picture of my windows 7 partition details so that incase somthing goes wrong i can book straight to windows no matter what by doing the following..

grub> insmod ntfs
set root='(hd0,2)'
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
chainloader +1

"Windows is now loading"..


I googled my good ol friend "google" to find some fixes, and came around a some what fix that would or suppose to fix the grub menu by using the bootsec.exe file... I did that and now Windows 7 is the first thing that boots up when computer is turned on..

My Backtrack partition is still intact, but I need you guys help to get the menu back please.. I really can't afford to re-install a dual boot over again

I had this installation setup for a loooong time.

Kernal is