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Thread: [Release] Deauth-Bomb v0.1 - My first script...

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    Default [Release] Deauth-Bomb v0.1 - My first script...

    Ahh, the vast world of programming.

    This morning I sat down to try to learn some bash scripting. I've come up with a little tool utilizing the aircrack-ng suite to help automate deauth attacks on access points.

    Let me be perfectly clear...

    This is a VERY... very rough build. I'm VERY new to this.

    I'm really open to all criticism, but do me a favour and follow it up with some actual advice to improve my code, style or whatever.

    I'm really hoping to learn, and with a little help along the way, I'm sure I will.

    So far, I've started this little project page:


    So far, this script performs the following:

    Select WIFI device, spoof MAC.
    Find AP to target, change channel to match.
    Attack AP with selected number of Deauth packets.

    It dosn't sound like much, but it's great for learning. I hope I can get some useful tips here and on other boards I post this on.

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