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Thread: Blocking a specific connexion in a LAN

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    Default Blocking a specific connexion in a LAN

    Hi Guys,

    I have two station connected on the same LAN network:
    - Box -
    - BT5R2 -
    - Win 7 -

    I'm looking forward how to prevent the Win 7 station to request on website (I have the IP for this website). The thing is I want this station to be able to request everything, except this IP. For this exemple, let say that the IP we want to block is (

    A MITM with arpspoof and dnsnif is OK to block any connexion (and for exemple redirect them to my local apache server), but I don't know how to block only a specific connexion.

    I hope all is clear enough and thanks in advance !


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    Default Re: Blocking a specific connexion in a LAN

    Use tcpkill.....

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