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Thread: Trouble getting the Ralink RT3572 to work

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    Default Trouble getting the Ralink RT3572 to work

    By default it has support for the Ralink RT3572 chipset, but it only works once in a while. for example, in order to get monitor mode to work, I would have to enable and disable monitor mode as much as 30 times before it finally scans and successfully goes into monitor mode, after which point aircrack can work normally for a few minutes before it stops sending or receiving data.

    the card is a Rosewill RNX-N600UBE Wireless Dual Band Adapter

    it has linux drivers but I cant get them installed
    the zip file contains a driver named 2011_0427_RT3572_Linux_STA_v2.5.0.0.DPO.bz2 (and no instructions are provided on how to get them installed

    by default backtrack 5 see the device as a rt2070/rt3070 and USB driver RT2800

    The card is almost unusable with the default drivers, any attempt to connect to a wifi network results in an error Unable to connect Wicd D-BUS interface

    Is there any way to fix this (I am still pretty new to backtrack)?

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    Default Re: Trouble getting the Ralink RT3572 to work

    Did you ever get this sorted? I really need a dual band USB wifi card for use with BT5 so will get one of these if you got it working with injection etc.

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