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Thread: (Ask)User cannot browse

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    Question (Ask)User cannot browse

    Hi everyone,

    i need your help guys. I just installed BackTrack 4 Final to my notebook. Then i login for the first time as root. then enter GUI using startx.

    I check my eth card, it's detected and i try to browse to internet using Firefox, and it works.

    Then i make new user, using "adduser" command. then make the password for the new user.
    After that, i logout from root, and login as the new user eg: jhon.

    I login as jhon, and enter startx, then enter the GUI. I try to browse using Firefox, but it can't. I can't browse the internet.
    Also i try to change date and time (using "jhon" as the user), it shows "Run as root - KDE su", and i enter the default root password (toor). but i can't open it too, it shows "Incorrect password; please try again"...

    Could you please help me how to fix these, guys?

    Thanks a lot... and sorry if my english is not good enough.

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    Frst off, add your new account to the sudoers group:

    A. Open a Root Terminal and type visudo (to access and edit the list)
    B. Using the up/down arrows, navigate to the bottom of the sudoers file that is now displayed in the terminal
    C. Just under the line that looks like the following:

    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
    D. Add the following (replacing user with your actual username):

    user ALL=(ALL) ALL
    E. Now press Ctrl+X and press Y when promted to save

    Now Open up a new shell and type;

    sudo start-network
    Enter YOUR password.

    now type;


    This will list all you active network connections.

    Look for the line;

    inet addr:***.***.***.***
    It should be populated with an IP address (should start off with 192 if your connected to a router or if your on a LAN)

    Try a simple Ping to Google. You should get some response and you will be able to browse the Internet.

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    Default Re: (Ask)User cannot browse

    it shows "Incorrect password; please try again"...
    Try to set a new root password if "toor" doesn´t work:
    # sudo su
    # passwd
    I try to browse using Firefox, but it can't. I can't browse the internet.
    Open a Terminal as jhon and start the network with sudo
    # sudo start-network
    then you sould be able to browse or ?

    Greez BeNe

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    Default Re: (Ask)User cannot browse

    Go in K Menu > System > Users and Groups and see what the permissions are on the user you added. I set up my user acct this way and I think I remember having to check off a few extra boxes.

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    Default Re: (Ask)User cannot browse

    Thanks Xortor, BeNeDeLux, clutch... i follow your instruction. And it works. but after restart and using "jhon" when login, i can't browse to internet again. i check ifconfig, it didn't detect my eth and wlan.

    But then i got this command from internet
    sudo update-rc.d networking defaults
    i finally can browse to the internet using "jhon", although i restart Backtrack.



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