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Thread: Backtrack 5 R2 booting on Usb 16GB, insufficient memory

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    Default Backtrack 5 R2 booting on Usb 16GB, insufficient memory[SOLVED]

    Hi peeps,

    I'm here on the forums because I couldnt solve my problem looking on the net. I bought a 16 Gb USB and installed Backtrack 5 R2 on it with Unetbootin. The problem is when I try to update the Ati drivers and install CAL++ or OpenCl, it tells me right in the GPU update there is no more free space. Why??? Lol I dont think the drivers are 10 gb big... What do im doing wrong? Is it because it is a live usb? Maybe I need to put more space to keep files when rebooting???

    Even when I tried to update Backtrack it told me not enough space.

    Thank you very much, I know the answear may be noobish but Im a noob whatev!


    Edit: Nevermind, I guess I didnt know the definition of "Persistent".
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