I need some.

I'm running BT 5 R2 in a USB flash disk. (encrypted disk). I'm using ALFA AWUS036H and the lsusb shows rtl8187 driver. It seems to work in injection but not in regular surfing in the Internet.

It is connecting but few seconds after getting IP it seems like disconnects. It is keeping the IP, I mean when I type ifconfig I see the same IP, but I cannot even ping gateway and of course I do not have Internet. For the first 8-12 seconds is working, I can open pages, ping hosts, do everything normally but after this short period of time it seems down. And it has nothing to do with signal strength. WICD still shows connected, but Internet it's just becomes unresponsive. Disconnect/reconnect fixes it temporarily. When I try to connect to the same AP using Windows OS, with the same card ALFA-*AWUS036H is rock-solid stable.... I have tried 2 access points that I have access to, both are WEP, and both works with windows but not in BT. Using Gerix, I'm able to get a handshake in WPA and WPA2 (haven't try WEP), but it shows that injection is working.

Does anybody have the same problem? Any help is appreciated.