WiCrawl has been updated following a presentation at DefCon:


From the site:
"w00t. We’re happy to finally post the latest wicrawl version 0.4a, along with the slides from the defcon talk today.

Here is the 0.4a release of wicrawl.

Check out the projects page for some details (more updates will happen there in the near future), or the wicrawl wiki which has information on installing, troubleshooting, and card support, etc. If you have any issues, send mail to wicrawl-cvs@midnightresearch.com, or for general information feel free to join the wicrawl-users mailing list.

Here are updated slides for the defcon talk today if you’re interested.

Update: I’ll post the backtrack with updated wicrawl .iso (or a .torrent of it) in the next day or two."

Hope this is the right place to post this, sorry for the lack of click-able link!