For a couple of weeks ago my BT client lost the ability to identify my network card. I was running airmon-ng as usual to put på network card into monitor mode but when i entered the commande "airmon-ng" it couldn't find any interface.
I have tried everything i can find on both google and backtrack forums, when i'm typing "ifconfig -a" it doesn't show wlan0 either so probably the driver is gone right?
I'm running BT R1 it from a USB to a Acer Aspire 4820T with an Atheros AR8151 network card.
I've looked at the Interfaces file in the /etc/network/ folder to see if there was a hashtag in front of the lines which stopped the interfaces from being found but that was not the case.
I believe my ISP helped me with an internet problem before which might have done something with the internet card.
Do you have any suggestions what I can do?
BT is correct installed because it works perfect on other computers.