I have installed BT 5 on my spare pc which is a dell dimension 2400 with 40 gig drive, 2 gig of ram, P4 processor should be a good enough box to do the job. have a few questions.

1.) how do i upgrade to the latest version without DL a new DVD and installing fresh, what are the commands and such is there a FAQ. how do i check on BT what the latest version is ?

2.) how do i check in the terminal to see how much ram i have?

3.) how do i check to see of all hardware is working properly chipset, onboard video etc.

4.) i dont have a wireless card in the case just yet. I was thinking of getting this external range finder for B/G and N -
ALFA AWUS036NH 2000mW 2W Wireless N/G USB WiFi Adapter will this work ok.

5.) does BT do a normal update like Ubuntu or other flavors, where is the update icon in the GUI.