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    Default installed now setup

    I have installed BT 5 on my spare pc which is a dell dimension 2400 with 40 gig drive, 2 gig of ram, P4 processor should be a good enough box to do the job. have a few questions.

    1.) how do i upgrade to the latest version without DL a new DVD and installing fresh, what are the commands and such is there a FAQ. how do i check on BT what the latest version is ?

    2.) how do i check in the terminal to see how much ram i have?

    3.) how do i check to see of all hardware is working properly chipset, onboard video etc.

    4.) i dont have a wireless card in the case just yet. I was thinking of getting this external range finder for B/G and N -
    ALFA AWUS036NH 2000mW 2W Wireless N/G USB WiFi Adapter will this work ok.

    5.) does BT do a normal update like Ubuntu or other flavors, where is the update icon in the GUI.

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    Default Re: installed now setup

    ok i managed to get some insight to my questions my only question is
    how do i upgrade the kernel.

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    Default Re: installed now setup

    Question 1: Upgrade, depending on version you have..Depends on the distro too...Go to the wiki of distro...It's all there...You need to read my friend.

    Question 2: type in terminal: free -o -m

    Question 3: If you have a faulty harware, you bet you will see it...You can see the info such as type, serial No. manufacturer, memory slots, ethernet, wifi, etc of hardware from the terminal, BUT cannot see if they are working 100%....

    Question 4: read , read , read.... also in the alfa network home page.

    Question 5: Upgrade? Yes..GUI?...This is linux...When using linux you need to forget windows...Please, this is terminal based, also some GUI, but please, I invite you to read about linux distros...And again, forget about windows...

    Hope this helps...I could give you more info on your questions, but you have to read...

    have a nice weekend.

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