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Thread: Pls Help With DualBoot BT5 R2 and Win7

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    Question Pls Help With DualBoot BT5 R2 and Win7

    Hi Guys,

    I have this problem with partitioning:

    I didnt have this option - Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup

    Only says - Erase and use the entire disk
    or manual partitioning

    These are the partitions presented:
    Windows Vista (loader) (/dev/sda1) 17.2GB
    Windows 7 (loader) (/dev/sda2) 209.7MB
    /dev/sda3 128.8GB
    /dev/sda4 493.9GB

    How do I proceed to manually partition it in order to dualboot BT5 and Win7?

    Please help.


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    Default Re: Pls Help With DualBoot BT5 R2 and Win7

    You ran out of free space to create a contiguos partition to use the option "side by side"...

    Here is the thing, you have your hard drive already partitioned, and "no space next to the windows partitions or anywhere else available", and I mean free space, without partition, merly free...
    That is why it tells you the 2 things to do as you mentioned before..

    You can doone of this things, you decide:

    1. Erase the /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda4, reboot and then you will have entire free space to install next to the windows partitions. But you have too many space to just install BT5...although you can specify the size, lets say 40 gigs for bt5.
    2. Install manually, no hassle, easy deal, just need to read a little. You pick the partition to install bt5 (sda3 or 4). But it is way too much space for bt5 in both empty partitions.
    3. Do as instructed in step 1, but then create a "extended partition"of the size of the free space (128.8 + 439.9), highly recommended. Within the extended partition, you can create more logical partitions, as much as you want with the size you decide for each one, if interested in installing more linux distros (Ubuntu, Debian, LMDE, Fedora, etc).

    Hope it helps..

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    Default Re: Pls Help With DualBoot BT5 R2 and Win7

    Thanks maverik35 for the prompt reply.

    I think solution 3 seems the best.

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