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Thread: Lan disconnects randomly Bt 5 R2 virtual box

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    Default Lan disconnects randomly Bt 5 R2 virtual box


    pls be patient to read the whole thing i am a noob by the way.

    I have installed my bt 5 R2 onto a Virtual box as i have done since Bactrack 4, my virtual box network settings are as follows

    Eth0 Bridge network to Ethernet port on my notebook
    Eth1 inet connection for internet connectivity

    my problem started when i ran some scans using zen map.. it started to hang up... i tried pinging google and dint work. so i restarted the VM
    after Restart i did an Ifconfig and eth1 showed an ip of i pinged google and it worked fine... so then i tried the scan again it worked for a few minuets and then stoped. pingd google and dnt work again....

    so i put eth1 down and set the bridge connection up, "my notebook is connected via ethernet to my dsl router", provided the ip details via wicid network manager and hit connect.
    worked like a charm for a few minuets till it disconnected. at least this time i could just click a button and get it up again...

    my problem why does it disconnect randomly and how to fix it...

    ohhh and by the way no problems with my dsl connection...... connection also worked perfectly with backtrack 5 r1 accept armitage dint work... on that one...

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Lan disconnects randomly Bt 5 R2 virtual box

    I figured it out after working on this all day
    i have deduced that you can't use wcid for everything so here is how to fix the problem

    open up /etc/network/interfaces with your favorite text editor
    find the block that starts with 'auto ethX' and change it to

    auto ethX
    iface ethX inet static
    address (desired ip address)

    be sure to change X to the corresponding number needed and do this for both devices, make sure you use a local ip address instead of (desired ip address)
    save the file and execute the following commands in this order

    route del default gw
    route add default gw (default gateway)

    change (default gateway) to the ip address of the connection that directly connects to the internet
    and now we need to restart the networking so issue the following command

    /etc/init.d/networking restart

    that should work it did for me

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